Food allergies and intolerances. Dr. Elena Caballero Naranjo

Dr. Elena Caballero Naranjo, Allergologist at the Hospital Universitario Insular of Gran Canaria, talks to us about the different food allergies and how important awareness on the part of all of us is for the affected person.
Food allergies and intolerances affect both the health and the social environment of those who suffer from it. When it comes to children of pediatric age, it is difficult for families to strike a balance so that the little one does not feel displaced at school and social environment.
The importance of correct labeling and the widest variety of products suitable for consumption by allergic or intolerant people, facilitate the day-to-day life of these children and their families.
In Spain, statistics show us that the number of people with allergies has doubled in the last decade, with younger ones being the most affected. The effects derived from a food intake with certain types of allergens can be mild or very serious.
 It is everyone’s responsibility, both individuals and companies, to collaborate at homes, educational centers and supermarket shelves, helping families by presenting clear and reliable information.
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