Allergen free

At Bandama Biscuits we are increasingly aware of different food allergies and intolerances.

Food allergies have experienced a notable increase in recent years due to genetic, environmental and nutritional factors. The introduction of new products into the diet, increasingly at an early age, has a notable influence.

The only way to prevent allergic reactions in sensitive people is to eliminate this component from their diet and their environment. The best way to protect yourself is to read the ingredient information on the labels.

For all these reasons, at Bandama Biscuits we have eliminated the use of milk and its derivatives in our production processes, thus avoiding possible cross contamination. Likewise, our products are not made with eggs and are free of nuts.
The consumer will be able to identify our references without whey, milk protein, egg and nuts, by means of our “drop of allergens” on the front of the packaging of those suitable products.

iconos alérgenos Galletas Bandama